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CLUE Report

A CLUE report can reveal a five-year history about a property that could affect the insurance premiums for the new purchaser.

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Reasons Rental Homes Rank Highest

Single family homes offer the investor an opportunity to borrow large loan-to-value loans at fixed interest rates for long terms.  Lenders will loan 75-80% of the purchase price at 5.5% to 6.5% interest rate for thirty years.  Compare t...

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25 Dishwasher Tips

Your dishwasher uses energy for hot water to clean your dishes and for an electric heating element to dry them off. This article and video give you 25 tips that will help you to reduce energy, improve performance, and extend its useful life. ...

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Decking Suggestion

Replacing your existing wood decking with low-maintenance composite board will save you in annual upkeep costs, and reduces the risk of splinters when walking on it. JUDIMONDAY.HOME-WIZARD.COM ...

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