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Who Pay The Commission?

The seller because it is deducted from the seller's proceeds or the buyer because it is part of the price paid for the home?

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Measuring Square Footage

  Measuring Square Footage Square footage is commonly used to determine if a home will fit a buyer's needs.  The price per square foot can be used to compare the costs of different homes and even, determine the value of a property. ...

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Why & How To Clean Your Smoke Detectors

To keep your smoke detectors operating properly, you should clean them at least every six months. This article explains why, and the easy steps you can take to clean your smoke detectors. READ ARTICLE >...

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Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Here are ideas for making over your bathroom that will add new features, save energy and water, improve health and safety, make it more beautiful, and help better meet the special needs of the elderly. READ ARTICLE &g...

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Checking For Water Leaks

Aside from standing water in your yard or water running out from under a sink, the first indication that you might have a water leak comes from a larger than normal water bill.  Before calling a leak specialist or a plumber, there is a s...

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