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Where Your Home Energy Dollar Goes

Ever wonder where your energy dollars go in your home? This article shows you at-a-glance, so that you can focus on the areas that will give you the biggest bang-for-the-buck for reducing your home energy bill. READ AR...

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Do YOU Want To Be A Landlord?

TV shows certainly make rental property look easy and you may even know someone who has made a lot of money with it. Possibly, the thought has crossed your mind that if they can do it, you can too.

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Rethinking Recycling

Recycling is essential to keeping our neighborhoods clean, but it's easy to get mixed up on what goes in which bin. As regulations have changed, it's time to rethink recycling!

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Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Suggestions that need to be done regularly to maintain an air conditioner include: replacing the filter, cleaning the evaporator coil, cleaning the condenser coils, trimming foliage away from the outside unit and others.

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Health & Safety Suggestion

Adding indoor plants in your home will naturally remove carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air. GREENVALLEYAZREALESTATE.HOME-WIZARD.COM

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Garage Suggestion

Installing a bicycle hoist can be a great way to increase usable space in your garage. GREENVALLEYAZREALESTATE.HOME-WIZARD.COM

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