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Best Time To Buy

The best time to buy real estate was 20 years ago when the median price of homes in the U.S. were less than $150,000 and now are worth $400,000.

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9 Ways to Save on Life Insurance

Buying life insurance can seem like a difficult and expensive endeavor if you havent done it before. Both can be overcome if you have a good insurance agent.


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Pros and Cons of Wedding Insurance

Rain, the bride falling into a pool, a wedding cake falling over, and deposit money thats lost because the venue went out of business a week ago.

What do all of ...

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Daily Habits to Keep Your Home Clean

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a hassle if you keep on top of it. Here are some small daily steps you can take to keep your home clean.

Post-shower swipe....

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4 Surprising Credit Card Rewards Facts

Credit card rewards can be a free way to travel and get cash back for your daily expenses.

But if youre not paying your credit card bill in full when it arrives,...

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Getting the Most Out of Your Child's 529 Plan to Pay for College

State-sponsored 529 accounts are a tax-free way to pay for a childs college education. Opening an investment account when theyre young and contributing to it regularly...

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Add Some Light and Life to Your Rooms

Want to brighten up a room but don’t have the time to paint or the budget to add a window?

Consider the following easy fixes:

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How to Save The Earth and Your Wallet

For many people, adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle is high on the list of worthwhile efforts. For others, its all about stashing cash. Consumer editors at Read more

Protecting Yourself from Alarm System Scammers

If you have a sign in your front yard warning burglars that you have a home alarm system in place, you could be attracting a new breed of scammer. Thats the warning fr...

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How to Dispute Medical Bill Errors

Scrutinizing a bill from your health care provider or insurer is probably one of the last things you want to do after getting out of the hospital, but it can pay off.<...

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Making the Most of Your Credit Card Rewards

Using a credit card to earn rewards is pretty simple. Just use the card to buy things and youll get cash back or reward points from your credit card company.


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