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FHA Gift Letter

The purpose of the letter is to assure FHA that the gift doesn't have to be repaid and that the donor is not a principal in the transaction.

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Home Emergency Preparedness

Unexpected and possibly dangerous situations in the home require immediate response and knowing where critical items are in the home can minimize the damage.

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Millennials Do Understand It

A recent survey reported that 36 percent of millennials prefer investing in real estate over all other options, including the stock market, cash investments, and cryptocurrency.

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Buy Your Retirement Home Now

Maybe you're not ready to move into it but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't take advantage of the present opportunities to acquire the home you want to live in during retirement. The combination of the low mortgage rates, high rental ...

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Leather Furniture Suggestion

To extend the value of your expensive leather furniture, consider having a qualified furniture repair person restore any scratches or cuts in your leather before they get worse. GREENVALLEYAZREALESTATE.HOME-WIZARD.COM

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Save Energy In Your Home

Finding ways to conserve energy in your home will save you money and help reduce the nation's demand for the resources needed to make that energy, like fossil fuels.

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