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Keep Calm

Keep Calm  I can sell your home & help you find another.  Call Judi @ 520.241.7780 TODAY!

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Maintaining Your Emergency Supplies

Maintaining Your Emergency Supplies When your power goes out, you'll be glad that you have your emergency supplies available at your fingertips. But to ensure they're ready to go, your emergency supplies need routine ...

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Have You Checked These Lately?

Homeowners know the need to periodically check certain things around the home to ensure that things operate properly and efficiently.  If maintenance is required, it may be less expensive to take care of it early rather than waiting unti...

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Protect Your Move

The Federal government has compiled some valuable information for a successful move and selecting a mover.

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Electrical Suggestion

Electrical Suggestion To protect your expensive home appliances (computers, LCD televisions, music systems, microwave ovens, etc.) from large power spikes, consider installing a whole-house surge protector.GREENVALLEYAZREALESTATE.HOME-WIZARD...

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Personal Computer Suggestion

Personal Computer Suggestion Especially if you have a high-speed Internet connection to your home, you should use a firewall program with strong passwords to help prevent hijackers from gaining access to the computers...

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Ending Small Talk: Tips for More Meaningful Conversations

Having more meaningful relationships with friends both new and old is a great goal, and it can start with your conversations. Below are five tips for those of us frust...

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The Good and Bad of Zero-Interest Credit Cards

The offer of a zero-interest credit card can look enticing when it arrives in the mail. Who doesnt want to avoid paying interest on credit card charges?

As with ...

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5 Easy Organizational Tips

Do you feel like you’re constantly battling clutter around the house? You’re not alone, and nothing can feel more frustrating than not being able to locate somethi...

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Add Some Light and Life to Your Rooms

Want to brighten up a room but don’t have the time to paint or the budget to add a window?

Consider the following easy fixes:

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3 Things to Do Instead of Watching TV

Is your evening couch potato routine with your partner growing stale? It can be hard to find the energy to connect after a long day of work, but while watching televis...

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Curtain Alternatives to Dress Your Windows

Looking to dress your windows with something other than curtains? The following ideas are fun, great for creative expression and relatively inexpensive.


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Protecting Yourself from Alarm System Scammers

If you have a sign in your front yard warning burglars that you have a home alarm system in place, you could be attracting a new breed of scammer. Thats the warning fr...

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3 Tips for Ditching Coffee

Looking to kick the caffeine? While a moderate amount of the buzzy stuff has been shown to have heart benefits, it’s easy to overdo it or find yourself addicted to t...

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9 Ways to Save on Life Insurance

Buying life insurance can seem like a difficult and expensive endeavor if you havent done it before. Both can be overcome if you have a good insurance agent.


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Money Matters for Millennial Parents

As a young parent, you may just be learning about all the responsibilities parenthood requires. When it comes to financial planning, setting your sight on the future c...

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